Sample Theses

Agilent Technologies

Analog Devices

AT&T Bell Labs


BAE Systems

The Charles Stark Draper Laboratories

Compaq Computer Corporation

David Sarnoff Research Center


Hewlett-Packard Company


Linear Technologies

Lotus Development Corporation

Lucent Technologies

MIT Lincoln Laboratory





Philips Research

Qualcomm, Inc.

Rational Software Corp



Silicon Graphics


Telcordia Technologies


Texas Instruments



Agilent Technologies

S. Hwang, “Power velocity integral technique for quantification of flow in valvular heart disease,” June 2000. (pdf)

S. Natarajan, “Automatic gain control for a small portable ultrasound device,” June 2001. (pdf)

Analog Devices

M.R. Price, “Asynchronous data-dependent jitter compensation,” June 2009. (pdf)

H. Wu, “System architecture for mode-matching a MEMS gyroscope,” June 2009. (pdf)

K. Jordy, “Low-Power Amplifier Choper-Stabilization for a Digital-to-Analog Converter,” Sept. 2008. (pdf)

D. Lin, “An Exploratory Design of a 65 nm CMOS Buck Converter for Maximum Efficiency”, June 2008. (pdf)

S. Herrera, “A high-speed general-purpose externally compensated operational amplifier,” June 2006. (pdf)

J. Shafran, “A MEMS-based, high-resolution electric-field meter,” June 2005. (pdf)

H. J. Lee, “The effects of excess loop delay in continuous-time sigma-delta,” June 2005. (pdf)

S.-H. C. Paik, “A MEMS-based precision operational amplifier,” June 2004. (pdf)

B.P. Ginsburg, “A 1.6GHz, high-phase accuracy quadrature PLL,” June 2003. (pdf)

D. Good, “Design of a low-power capacitive sensor for a micromachines accelecrometer,” June 2002. (pdf)

M.J. Guidry, “A 16-bit, 100kS/s self-calibrating cyclic analog-to-digital converter,” June 2000. (pdf)

S.S. Paik, “The design and implementation of a new wide-range frequency detector,” June 1999. (pdf)

AT&T Bell Labs

P.M. Ju, “Classification of finger gestures from myoelectric signals,” June 2000. (pdf)

B. Gold, “A modular approach to speech enhancement with an application to speech coding,” June 1998. (pdf)


A.G. Bakst, “Enabling intelligent user interfaces in CAD applications,” June 2009. (pdf)

BAE Systems

R.M. McPhie, “Optimization of transmit/receive array topology in 3D acoustic imaging,” June 2003. (pdf)

The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory

J.S. Burnham, “Remote cardiac monitoring using radar,” June 2009.(pdf)

M.F. Robbins, “Hydraulically-actuated micro-scale traveling energy recovery,” June 2009. (pdf)

A. Pinkham, “Modeling and Optimization of Permanent Magnet Motors,” Sept. 2008. (pdf)

J. Furtado, “Human interactive mission manager,” June 2008. (pdf)

N. Haque, “Advanced data bus architecture using CDMA for highly reliable systems,” June 2007 (pdf)

C. Texin, “Optical flow using phase information for deblurring,” June 2007. (pdf)

J. Noonan, “The design of a high efficiency RF power amplifier for an MCM process,” June 2005. (pdf)

J. Puskarich, “An improved sigma-delta modulator for digitizing carrier band measurements,” June 2005. (pdf)

N. Y. Sun, “A DC stabilized fully differential amplifier,” June 2005. (pdf)

R. Baliga, “Thermal and electrical characterization of a micro-hotplate for calorimetry,” June 2004. (pdf)

C.K. Truong, “Analysis and control of hunting in Synchronous Hysteresis Motor,” June 2004. (pdf)

D.P. Dasgupta, “Facilitating user understanding of optimizations: a case study of channel route network planning,” June 2003. (pdf)

E.Y.C. Huang, “A semi-autonomous vision-based navigation system for a mobile robotic vehicle,” June 2003. (pdf)

M.F. Tompkins, “Optimization techniques for task allocation and scheduling in distributed multi-agent operations,” June 2003. (pdf)

R. Woods-Corwin, “A high-speed fault-tolerant interconnect fabric for large-scale multiprocessing,” June 2001. (pdf)

L.G. Brooks, “Amplitude and frequency demodulation controller for MEMS accelerometer,” June 2001. (pdf)

Compaq Computer Corporation

C.J. Cheng, “The resolution enhancement of real-time captured images,” June 2002. (pdf)

U. Schafer, “Avalanche: A framework for parallel and distributed computation,” June 2002. (pdf)

T. Chao, “JET: An application of partial evaluation in dynamic code generation for Java,” June 2000. (pdf)

D.E. DiFranco, “Recovery of 3D articulated motion from 2D correspondences,” June 2000. (pdf)

R.W. Hwang, “A robust algorithm for information hiding in digital pictures,” June 1999. (pdf)

David Sarnoff Research Center

D. Chen, “IP multicast video with smart network caches,” June 1999.(pdf)


J. K. Goldberg, “Fusion tables: New ways to collaborate on structured
data”, June 2010. (pdf)

M. Stevens, “Efficient coordinate descent for ranking with domination loss”, June 2010. (pdf)

C. Wright, “Incorporating video into Google mobile streetview”, June 2010. (pdf)

J.S. Hurwitz, “Error-correcting codes and applications to large scale classification systems,” June 2009. (pdf)

H. Nguyen, “Improving Google enterprise search quality using normalization,” June 2009. (pdf)

S. Seshasai, “Efficient near duplicate document detection for specialized corpora,” June 2009. (pdf)

Hewlett-Packard Company

M. Xu, “Local measurement of the pulse wave velocity using Doppler ultrasound,” June 2002. (pdf)

E.N. Sit, “Reverse http tunneling for firewall traversal,” June 2000. (pdf)


A. Kalantarian, “Package and Pcb Solutions for High-Speed Data Link Applications,” Sept. 2008. (pdf)

M. Qazi, “A 4kb functional memory array for MRAM development,” June
2007. (pdf)

A, Oliner, “Cooperative checkpointing for supercomputing systems,” June 2005. (pdf)

M.J. Chong, “A PCI express to PCIX bridge optimized for performance and area,” June 2004. (pdf)

A. Granich-Unikowsky, “Allocating decoupling capacitors to reduce simultaneous switching noise on chips,” June 2004. (pdf)

S. Pornpromlikit, “Power-efficient design of 16-bit mixed-operand multipliers,” June 2004. (pdf)

E. Krevat, “Scheduling algorithms to improve utilization in toroidal-interconnected systems,” June 2003. (pdf)

R.R. Shah, “Hardware implementation of a low-power two-dimensional discrete cosine transformation,” June 2002. (pdf)

M. Shridharan, “Dynamic datarace detection for object-oriented programs,” June 2002. (pdf)

L. Borodavkina, “Investigation of machine learning tools for document clustering and classification,” June 2000. (pdf)

S.-A. R. Kelin, “Digital persona: A gateway to personal information,” June 1999. (pdf)

Linear Technologies

J. Cohen, “Peak Ppower tracking for a solar buck charger”, June 2010. (pdf)

W. Li, “Wide input common mode range operational amplifier with serially programmable output offset,” June 2009.

J. Gardner, “Designing an Ultra Low Quiescent Current Buck Switching Regulator”, June 2008. (pdf)

H. Zhou, “New architecture for USB powered battery charger,”
Feb. 2008.

A. Ashiabor, “A design for an RGB LED driver with independent PWM
control and fast setting Time,” June 2007. (pdf)

M. Feng, “Frequency translation method for low frequency variable gain implification and filtering,” June 2007. (pdf)

R. Palakodety, “Investigating packaging effects on bandgap references,”
June 2007. (pdf)

M. Whitaker, “Improving the control strategy for a four-switch buck-boost converter,” June 2007. (pdf)

S. Rayanakorn, “Design of micropower operational amplifiers,” June 2006. (pdf)

J. Zhang, “Spread spectrum modulation system for burst mode DC-DC converters,” June 2006. (pdf)

J. Duncan, “A global maximum power point tracking DC-DC converter,” June 2005.

M. Kenia, “Development of an isolated flyback converter employing boundary-mode operation and magneetic flux sensing feedback,” June 2004. (pdf)

M.G. Negrete, “Design and control of photoflash capacitor charging circuits,” June 2004. (pdf)

C.W. Pei, “Macromodeling and demonstration of the LT6600 amplifier and lowpass filter,” June 2004. (pdf)

E.T. Lisuwandi, “Feedback circuit for organic LED active-matrix display drivers,” June 2002. (pdf)

J.D. Morris, “Improving toggle rate in a rail-to-rail comparator output stage,” June 2001. (pdf)

Lotus Development Corporation

D. Lam, “Exploiting e-mail structure to improve summarization,” June 2002.

C. Kwok, “An innovative integrated development environment for the pocket PC PDA,” June 2002. (pdf)

Lucent Technologies

M.W. Baker, “A BiCMOS RF mixer for 5-GHz receivers,” Feb 2002. (pdf)

P. Phanaphat, “Protocol stacks for power-aware wireless microsensor networks,” June 2002. (pdf)

N.G. Feamster, “Adaptive delivery of realtime streaming video,” June 2001. (pdf)

I.D. Nestlerode, “Implementing EFECT,” June 2001. (pdf)

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

K. Dietz, “Acoustic and linguistic interdependencies of irregular
phonation”, June 2010. (pdf)

Z. Tao, “Improved uncertainty estimates for geophysical parameter
retrieval”, June 2010. (pdf)

N. Chandrasekaran, “Dynamic pixel selection in free space photon counting optical communication systems for the exploitation of excess channel capacity,” June 2009. (pdf)

H. Adaniya, “Wideband active antenna cancellation,” June 2008. (pdf)

P-L. Hsu, “Choosing a dielectric for graphene transistors,” Sept. 2008. (pdf)

T. Ng, “Automated identification for weather avoiding air traffic flows,”
June 2008. (pdf)

J. Steininger-Holmes, “Designing electronics for the missile alternative
range testing instrument,” June 2008.

J. Chang, “Tracking system for photon-counting laser radar,” June
2007. (pdf)

S. Hwang, “Spatial filter performance on point-target detection in various clutter conditions using visible images,” June 2007. (pdf)

M. Luczynska, “Markov chain monte carlo and its applications of phylogenetic tree construction,” June 2007.

S. Zheng, “Tracking algorithms under boundary layer effects for free-
space optical communications,” June 2007. (pdf)

M. Willsey, “Quasi-orthogonal wideband radar waveforms based on chaotic systems,” Dec. 2006. (pdf)

S. Balster, “An earth image simulation and tracking system for the Mars laser communication demonstration,” June 2005. (pdf)

Y.H. Chin, “Radar tracking system development,” June 2005. (pdf)

C. McLean, “Epidemic modeling techniques for smallpox,” June 2005. (pdf)

E.M. Salinas, “Application of three-dimensional circuit integration to global clock distribution,” June 2004. (pdf)

A.C.Schmidt, “Dynamic Bayesian networks for the classification of spinning discs,” June 2004. (pdf)

A.N. Vasile, “Pose independent target recognition system using pulsed LADAR imagery,” June 2004. (pdf)

M. Waldon, “Low power image based triggering for extended operation surveillance,” June 2004. (pdf)

B. Zhang, “Multiple region finite-difference time-domain modeling of duct cavities,” June 2004. (pdf)

E.A. Dauler, “Experimental study of the frequency correlation of space-time entangled photons,” June 2003. (pdf)

D. Dunmeyer, “Laser speckle modeling for three-dimensional metrology and LADAR,” June 2001. (pdf)

J. Pacheco, “Finite difference techniques for body of revolution radar cross section,” June 2000. (pdf)

M.D. Blum, “Automatic target recognition based on collection of evidence,” June 1999. (pdf)

S. Tadayyon, “A pixel-level analog-to-digital converter for the imaging array of an advanced interferometer,” June 1999. (pdf)


L.M. Lorilla, “Filtering techniques for mitigating microwave oven interference on 802.11b wireless local area networks,” June 2003. (pdf)


K.G. Fife, “A stereo vision system with automatic brightness adaptation,” June 1999. (pdf)


D. Warnakulasuriyarachc, “Design and simulation of a PCI express gen3.0
communication channel”, June 2010.(pdf)

D.L. Ramdass, “Designing bayesian networks for highly expert-involved problem diagnosis domains,” June 2009. (pdf)

A. Wibowo, “Hardware Acceleration of NetApp Virtual Tape Library Deduplication Algorithm,” Sept. 2008. (pdf)


S. Sundar, “A high PSR low power bandgap reference for portable
applications,” Feb. 2008. (pdf)

Philips Research

S.B. Lustbader, “Feasibility of GNU/Linux as the OS for a PC-based medical product,” June 2003. (pdf)


G. Kayombya, “Sift feature detection on a smartphone GPU using OPENGL
ES 2.0”, June 2010. (pdf)

Y. Ma, “Companding techniques for high dynamic range audio CODEC receiver path,” June 2009. (pdf)

D. Vo, “Design of low noise amplifier for ultra-wideband applications,” June 2009. (pdf)

C. J. King, “Single-Inductor, Multiple-Output Buck Converter with Parallel Source Transient Recovery,” Feb. 2009. (pdf)

R. Nguyen, “Rate control and bit allocation for JPEG transcoding,” June 2007. (pdf)

C. Chan, “Single antenna interference cancellation in asynchronous GSM/GPRS networks,” June 2005. (pdf)

E. Syu, “Implementing rate-distortion optimization on a resource-limited H.264 encoder,” June 2005. (pdf)

M. Zhou, “SIP : a smart digital image processing library,” June 2005. (pdf)

J.F. Cen, “A performance study of multiframe interleaving for CDMA2000 1X cellular system,” June 2004. (pdf)

W. Dong, “Improved handling of the decoding operation in the Presto compiler,” June 2004. (pdf)

W. Ni, “WSIM configurable digital signal processor simulator/debugger,” June 2004. (pdf)

M. Vajapeyam, “Performance evaluation of transmit diversity techniques in the CDMA2000 standard,” June 2004. (pdf)

P.F. Rettig, “Transmit simulation and receive optimizations for 802.11n networks,” June 2002. (pdf)

J. Yeh, “Performance of voice and data transmission using the IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol,” June 2002. (pdf)

P.M.Y. Agboh, “Optimum combining of handset diversity antennas,” June 2001. (pdf)

E.C. Arvelo, “Physical layer DSP design of a wireless gigabit/s indoor LAN,” June 2000. (pdf)

S. Govindasamy, “A psychoacoustically motivated speech enhancement system,” June 2000. (pdf)

A.S. Huang, “Tao-an architecturally balanced reconfigurable hardware processor,” June 1997. (pdf)

Rational Software Corp

B. Che, “Automating component-based testing from UML models,” June 2000. (pdf)


E.J. Mitchell, “Simulation of an optical network system for a space based high performance computer system,” Feb 2002. (pdf)


P. Maher, “Phase-controlled rectification for permanent-magnet downhold alternators,” Feb. 2008. (pdf)

K. Schrock, “A three-level buck converter to regulate a high-voltage DC-
to-AC inverter,” Feb. 2008. (pdf)

Silicon Graphics

A. Sundquist, “Dynamic line interval convolution for visualizing electromagnetic phenomena,” June 2001. (pdf)


K. Netolicka, “Equivalence checking of retimed circuits,” June 2005. (pdf)

N.S. Sitchinava, “Dynamic scan chains: A novel architecture to lower the cost of VLSI test,” June 2003. (pdf)

K. Paskalev, “Wire delay models for global placement of ASICs,” June 2002. (pdf)

D.S. Petkov, “Efficient pipelining of nested loops: Unroll-and-squash,” Feb 2001. (pdf)

Telcordia Technologies

D.W. Wamola, “Characterization of a robot arm for acoustic experiments,” June 2002. (pdf)

J.I. Baron, “Discovering network topology by correlating end-to-end delay measurements,” Feb 2001. (pdf)

G.F. Yip, “3D echo cancellation in a home environment,” June 2001. (pdf)


A.Y. Machal-Cajigas, “RF MEMS switches: survey and analysis,” June 2009. (pdf)

J. Wnorowski, “Increasing A/D conversion resolution by dynamic scale adjustment,” Sept. 2008. (pdf)

D. Signoff, “A high bandwidth, low distortion, fully differential amplifier,” June 2005. (pdf)

M.M. Bryzek, “Site-wide templates for internet sites,” June 2000. (pdf)

J.D. McBride,”High speed DSP implementation in run-time partially reconfigurable FPGAs,” June 2003. (pdf)

Texas Instruments

S.H. Chou, “Computationally efficient characterization of standard cells for statistical static timing analysis,” June 2009. (pdf)

V.S. Sinow, “Integrated circuit control of resonant and hard switched DC-DC converters for industrial and educational applications,” June 2009. (pdf)

M. Ha, “A Low-Power, High-Bandwidth LDO Voltage Regulator
with No External Capacitor”, June 2008. (pdf)

A. Musah, “An automated bench testing system for direct current parameters of instrumentation amplifiers,” June 2005. (pdf)

D. Milliner, “A low-complexity linear and iterative receiver architecture for multi-antenna communication systems,” June 2004. (pdf)

C.S. Chow, “Research on objective speech quality measurements,” June 2001. (pdf)

A.D. Dousis, “Peak power reduction algorithms in ADSL modems,” June 2000. (pdf)


Y. Chen, “Dynamic binary translation from 32-bit to 64-bit mode for x86 virtualization,” June 2009. (pdf)

P.L. Hung, “Varmosa : just-in-time binary translation of operating system kernels,” June 2009. (pdf)

A. Rogal, “PreCog: a robust machine learning system to predict failure in a virtualized environment,” June 2008. (pdf)

J. Stultz, “Optimizing live virtual machine migrations using content-based page hashes,” June 2008. (pdf)


J. Nham, “Machine scheduling with heavy-tailed loads,” June 2008.

C.P. Master, “Band structure and gain calculation for gallium nitride quantum-well structures,” June 1998. (pdf)