Industrial Partners

A company can be a member of the 6-A program either as a 6-A Core Partner or as a 6-A Affiliate. From a student perspective, there are two important differences between Core Partners and Affiliates. First, students doing their internship at a Core Partner will typically receive a 6-A Fellowship through MIT during the fall term of their 6-month internship. This Fellowship pays the student’s salary, MIT tuition, and health insurance during the fall term (See the student FAQ for more information on what a 6-A Fellowship is).  On the other hand, Affiliate companies do not offer a 6-A Fellowship but they pay the students directly during the fall term. In this case, students are responsible for paying the MIT tuition and health insurance expenses directly. To make sure students interning at a 6-A Affiliate company receive the same level of benefits than the ones at a Core Partner, the 6-A office asks 6-A Affiliate companies to set a minimum salary for their 6-A interns that is typically higher than what the students who are in the 6-A program receive, in order for them to pay these additional expenses.

The second important difference between interning at a 6-A Core Partner and a 6-A Affiliate is that 6-A Core Partners will pay (through their membership fees) the tuition of the student during the spring term of his or her MEng degree, if the student has not been able to secure a Teaching Assistantship that term. Students interning at 6-A Affiliate companies do not have this guaranteed support due to the reduced membership fees paid by 6-A Affiliate companies.

We are adding new partners every day. Please check this page frequently for the most up-to-date information.

Analog Devices (Core 6-A Partner)

Analog Devices

Analog Devices is a world leader in the design and manufacture of analog, mixed-signal, and DSP integrated circuits used in all types of electronic equipme.

Applied Materials (6-A Affiliate)

Applied Materials is a leader in materials engineering solutions used to produce virtually every new chip and advanced display in the world. Our expertise in modifying materials at atomic levels and on an industrial scale enables customers to transform possibilities into reality. At Applied Materials, our innovations make possible the technology shaping the future.

Bose Corporation (6-A Affiliate)

Bose is a sounds company in that the company designs, manufactures and sells headphones, speakers and stereo equipment. From noise-cancelling products to speakers claiming to produces sound with the best quality on the market, Bose is a premium product with a variety of options in product selection.

Cadence (Core 6-A Partner)


Cadence is a leading provider of electronic design automation (EDA) and semiconductor intellectual property (IP). Our custom/analog tools help engineers design the transistors, standard cells, and IP blocks that make up systems on chip (SoCs). Our digital tools automate the design and verification of giga-scale, gigahertz SoCs at the latest semiconductor processing nodes. Our IC packaging and PCB tools permit the design of complete boards and subsystems.

Cadence also offers a growing portfolio of design IP and verification IP for memories, interface protocols, analog/mixedsignal components, and specialized processors. And at the systems level, Cadence offers an integrated suite of hardware/ software co-development platforms. In short, Cadence’s innovative technologies are essential to building great products that transform lives.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics (6-A Affiliate)

Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) makes roads and drivers safer around the world. Founded in 2010 by two MIT professors and experienced entrepreneurs, CMT pioneered telematics for behavior-based insurance (BBI) and deployed the first solution to provide both traditional vehicle-centric usage-based insurance and user-centric behavior-based insurance. With over 25 insurance customers in 16 countries today, in addition to several fleets, cellular carriers, auto makers, and government agencies among its customers, CMT is the leading smartphone-centric telematics provider in the world. Its products and services have a proven record of improving driver behavior: an average reduction of 35% in phone distraction, 20% in hard braking, and 20% in at-risk speeding all within less than 30 days of using the program. CMT has openings for 6-A students with expertise in the following areas: mobile sensing, mobile UX, IoT, data science, machine learning, statistics, web applications, and cloud-based systems. Find out more about CMT at


IBM Research (6-A Affiliate)

IBM Research, with more than 3,000 researchers in 12 labs located across six continents, is one of the world’s largest and most influential corporate research labs. We invent things that matter to the world. Today, we are pioneering the most promising and disruptive technologies that will transform industries and society, including the future of AIblockchain and quantum computing

Iterative Scopes (6-A Affiliate)

Iterative Scopes is a technology company founded at MIT, focused on bringing precision medicine to Gastroenterology. Leveraging computer vision and machine learning algorithms at the core of its technological toolkit to deliver just-in-time actionable decision support tools to improve patient outcomes.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (6-A Affiliate)

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory—we call it JPL, or simply the Lab—is a federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) for robotic space and Earth science missions. We are managed by Caltech for NASA. Since the 1930s, JPL creations and discoveries have led to many of the nation's “firsts,” including the first U.S. Earth-orbiting satellite, interplanetary spacecraft, lunar lander, planetary rover, and first spacecraft to leave the solar system.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (6-A Affiliate)

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has a mission of strengthening the United States' security by developing and applying world-class science, technology and engineering that:

  • Enhances the nation's defense.
  • Reduces the global threat from terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.
  • Responds with vision, quality, integrity and technical excellence to scientific issues of national importance.

Mercari (6-A Affiliate)

Mercari is the selling app. We make it super easy to sell (or buy) almost anything. We all have things we don’t use, never used or simply outgrew. But that stuff still has value. Mercari gives you the power to simply sell it, ship it, and earn some cash for it. Fashion to toys. Sporting goods to electronics. All the brands you know and love.

Our mission is simple: to make selling easier than buying. And with 45M+ downloads in the U.S. and 150k new listings every day, we're just getting started.

Micron (6-A Affiliate)

Micron Technology is a world leader in innovative memory solutions that transform how the world uses information to enrich life. Through our global brands — Micron, Crucial® and Ballistix® — and a team of over 34,000, we offer the industry’s broadest portfolio, and we are the only company manufacturing today’s major memory and storage technologies: DRAM, NAND, NOR and 3D XPoint™ memory.

Micron Technology began in 1978 as a four-person semiconductor design company in the basement of a Boise, Idaho, dental office. Located between a high desert plain and the Rocky Mountain foothills, Boise was an unlikely spot for a high-tech start-up, but we broke ground on our first fabrication plant by 1980 and introduced the world’s smallest 256K DRAM just a few years later. In 1994, we earned a spot on the Fortune 500 and then steadily grew into an industry leader, playing an instrumental role in some of the world’s most significant technological advancements. Today, backed by 40 years of technology leadership and a patent portfolio of 40,000, Micron continues to collaborate with the world’s most trusted brands, and our solutions are enabling disruptive trends such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and autonomous vehicles.

Micron depends on a talented, determined and highly educated workforce located in 17 different countries to design, develop and manufacture high-quality, cutting-edge memory solutions. We pursue the highest-quality talent in our hiring and maintain a work environment that enables our team members to thrive throughout their Micron careers. Our commitment to team members is reflected in our core values and illustrated by our commitment to provide an engaging work environment that is ethical, diverse and inclusive.

MIT Lincoln Laboratory (Core 6-A Partner)

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

MIT Lincoln Laboratory technical staff work on applied research and development to provide solutions to national defense problems. Laboratory projects continually evolve with technology, presenting scientists and engineers with opportunities to explore new lines of research. In addition, many projects are multidisciplinary and collaborative.

NetApp (Core 6-A Partner)


NetApp delivers software, systems and services to manage and store your data. NetApp Data Fabric provides enhanced data control, choice, and efficiency.

NVIDIA (6-A Affiliate)

NVIDIA  NVIDIA’s invention of the GPU sparked the PC gaming market. The company’s pioneering work in accelerated computing—a supercharged form of computing at the intersection of computer graphics, high performance computing and AI—is reshaping trillion-dollar industries, such as transportation, healthcare and manufacturing, and fueling the growth of many others.



Signify (6-A Affiliate)

Signify, the new company name of Philips Lighting, is the world leader in lighting for professionals, consumers and lighting for the Internet of Things. Our energy efficient lighting products, systems and services enable our customers to enjoy a superior quality of light, and make people’s lives safer and more comfortable, businesses more productive and cities more livable. With 2018 sales of EUR 6.4 billion, approximately 29,000 employees and a presence in over 70 countries, we’re unlocking the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world.

Signify Research is a global team with presence in Cambridge, where performance is powered through diversity. We shape the future of light in the Internet of Things and work on our commitment to achieve a more sustainable future.

Sky (6-A Affiliate)

Sky is a British telecommunications company and Europe’s largest pay-TV broadcaster. With a headquarter located in London UK, Sky has operations in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain, serving more than 20 million customers with the best TV and entertainment experiences.