“Had a great time at Intersil.  First day on the job, I was already working as the lead designer of a new high-precision analog IC.  Three months later, I’ve pitched the product to the CEO and started the patent process.  Things move fast around here – you won’t be held back, you’ll work with top-notch designers, you’ll solve hard problems – and you’ll learn a lot. What’s more, Intersil is in the SF Bay Area – the ideal location for adventures.  Great forests and beaches, perfect weather, chill people, it was an excellent place to spend the summer.”

Steven Herbst, Intersil Corp., Milpitas, CA

“My experience at Bosch RTC was very enjoyable. For the first summer, I worked in the MEMS group on innovative products for future automobiles. I was able to not only dig deep into the MEMS field, but also glance over many other fields, such as IC design, wireless communication, and energy recovery, given the many diverse groups at Bosch. It is extremely exciting to see my project used in real-world products.”

Xiawa Wang, Bosch, Palo Alto, CA

“Analog Devices has given me the opportunity to explore some of the newest signal processing technology first hand. The unique mix of product, design, and test engineers around me ensured that I was exposed to experts with different viewpoints on the same technology, giving me the complete experience as an intern.”

Nora Micheva, Analog Devices, Wilmington, MA

“The 6-A program has provided me with the opportunity to gain a company perspective of the product cycle, and to apply engineering principles learned at MIT to a real-life setting. My NetApp mentor has been an integral part of my learning process. Her eagerness to expose me to situations which make me more knowledgeable and effective has been a truly special benefit of the VI-A program. Most of all, I am very excited about the chance to work on a complex project, in its entirety, in an industry environment, thereby obtaining an M.Eng. degree that truly prepares me to be a significant contributor to industry.”

Herman  Mutiso, NetApp, Sunnyvale, CA

“I absolutely love MIT and would never want to leave if I can help it. But the truth is, it is the ‘real-world’ for most of us after school. I think VI-A provides a wonderfully unique opportunity to make this transition much smoother. You get to have work experience during school under mentors who have probably attended MIT for undergrad or grad school. It is absolutely a great learning experience.”

Afsah Shafquat, Medtronic, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

“My VI-A internship at Texas Instruments was a great experience. I was treated just like a regular member of the team I worked with and I got to sit in on a lot of meetings, which allowed me to see the design process at many different stages and from different perspectives. I feel like now I have a much better idea of what the everyday challenges are that an engineer faces and how a team works together to develop a product.”

Miranda Ha, Texas Instruments