The J. Francis Reintjes Excellence in 6-A Industrial Practice Award

The J. Francis Reintjes Excellence in 6-A Industrial Practice Award is an endowment fund in the MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 6-A M.Eng Thesis Program, formed in 2007 through the generosity of the late Professor-Emeritus J. Francis Reintjes and his family.

Throughout his career, Professor Reintjes took a strong interest in 6-A. He served as its Program director from 1961 through 1969, and again as interim director in 1993-1994. Several program improvements were introduced under his leadership. The roster of participating companies was expanded and faculty participation in the program was broadened through appointment of a faculty adviser to the students at each company location. He also served for many years as faculty adviser to 6-A students at Honeywell, one of the companies he recruited for the Program.

The $1,000 award will be given each year at the EECS Spring Awards Ceremony to a 6-A student who has demonstrated outstanding performance in a 6-A work assignment and/or exceptional quality in an M.Eng. Thesis performed at a 6-A company. Nominations for this award can come from EECS faculty and 6-A company personnel who are familiar with the outstanding 6-A work and/or 6-A M.Eng. Thesis by a 6-A student. The award recipient is chosen by a 6-A Awards Committee organized by the 6-A Director.

Reintjes Award winners to date include:

  • Masood Qazi, internship with IBM Microelectronics (2007)
  • Jason Furtado, internship with Draper Lab, and Doris Lin, internship with Analog Devices (2008)
  • Michael Price, internship with Analog Devices (2009)
  • Zhen Li, internship with Linear Technology (2009)
  • Amanda Gaudreau, internship with Medtronic (2010), and Zouyu Tao, internship at Lincoln Laboratory (2010)
  • Anh Nguyen, internship with Microsoft Research Asia (2011), and Xiawa Wang, internship with Bosch Research (2011)
  • Travis Grusecki, internship with NetApp (2012)
  • Joseph Colosimo, internship with MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and Shijie (Kevin) Zheng, internship with Analog Devices (2013)
  • Timothy Galvin, internship with The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory (2014)
  • Anders Lee, internship with Linear Technology (2015)
  • Rebecca Kekelishvili, internship with NetApp (2016)
  • Joseph Griffin, internship with MIT Lincoln Laboratory and Chad Uyehara, internship with Linear Technology (2017)
  • Alex Sloboda, internship with Analog Devices (2018)
  • Zachary Zumbo, internship with Cadence (2019)
  • Lokhin Cheng, internship with Analog Devices (2020)
  • Matthew Hutchinson, internship with MIT Lincoln Laboratory (2020)
  • Peter Crocker, internship with Cadence (2021)
  • Gregory Pailet, internship with Sky (2022)
  • Renbin Liu, internship with Sky (2022)